Techno Stat Industory Co., Ltd is a manufacture of Anti-Static film.

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Biodegradability bag :Green Star

Biodegradability film


It is an authorized by "Biodegradable Prastics Society" of renewable resource film biodegradability plastic of materials born from a plant.

A combustion calorie is less than the normal PE film, and it is as environmental measures.

It is possible to make as anti-static film, so it is available for industry market.

Zerust ESD Shield

Anti-Static and Prevention of rust film


Anti-static and prevention of rust film that is joint development of "Taiyo Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd" and "Techno Stat Co., Ltd".(No. 3356376 patent)

Zerust ESD Shield (Standard bag)
No. Size (mm) Qnty/1case
Thickness Width Length
HZ-4 0.07 100 200 3,000
HZ-6 0.07 150 250 2,000
HZ-8 0.07 200 350 2,000
HZ-14 0.07 350 500 1,000
HZ-18 0.07 450 600 500