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Conductive Laminating Pouches

Conductive Laminating Pouches


Available for clean rooms
A surface resistance value is fine
Surface resistance value is less than 104-105Ω.

Thickness: 100
Size: A3(300mm x 430mm), A4(215mm x 300mm)

A3: Clear
A4:Clear / Gray
(There is possibility to change only Clear color.)

Packing unit: 100 pieces

Conductive film: STAT-B
(Static electricity dispersed film: Hi carbon black contents)

Conductive film


Various strength and hi-quality surface resistance film.(Conductive film)

Surface resistance value is less than 104Ω.

Thickness: 40 - 150 Width: 50mm -

Conductive table mat: CA-500

Conductive table mat: CA-500


All materials are made of rubber, and there are 2 layers which are superior for Abrasion characteristics-resistant, heat-resistant and aciduric.

This product has Anti-Static (Green) layerand Conductive (Black) layers.

CA-500 (Standard Size)
Thickness Width length Color
2.0mm 1000mm 10m Green