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Anti-Static Film


Flexible container bag inner package: STAT-FCB

Flexible container bag inner package: STAT-FCB

This is manufactured by only the material which adapts to FDA. This material passed the Ministry of Health Welfare notification 201st, PIM (the European plastic enforcement regulations) No10/2011, No1282/2011 and No1183/2012(No10/2011 revised edition.)

Round bottom anti-static bag for 200L drum

Round bottom anti-static bag for 200L drum

Example:Inner bag for 200L drum

1.FDA conformity material's anti-static film which is passed on Ministry of Health and Welfare notification 370th.
2.Surface Resistivity is less than 1011Ω, and static decay late is less than 2 seconds (23 degree ×12±3%RH 5000V to 50v)
3.It is used by anti-static materials of high-molecular form, so that transitivity is very low.
4.Inner package in consideration of strength and anti-static measures.
5.Intermediates for pharmaceutical, food powder and liquids for inner package of drum.

Transparent, moisture vapor barrier and anti-static bagss:STAT-MBP

Transparent, moisture vapor barrier and anti-static bagss:STAT-MBP

STAT-MBP is the long-acting non-chargeable olefin, and two 3-layer moisture-proof bag. Polyethylene film with nylon makes excellent moisture-proof & transparent film which is not like a aluminum foil, high-performance product.

Anti-Static STAT-FDM


Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 370
Patent No. 4948997

Non-Shifted any Surfactant,Non dependent on humidity

Approved in notice of Ministry of Health and Welfare no.370

Example: A bag inside plastic, drum and carton boxes.

Prevent an electrostatic obstacle and a powder explosion by materials.

*We started to sale the bag for a drum.

Anti-Static Name Holder

Transparent Anti-Static Name Holder

(Anti-Static PE film + PP)

"Additive-Free" Anti-Static Name Holder which does not "Breed Out".

STAT-3S 50?/PP 200?/STAT-3S 50?

Transparent Anti-Static file holder

STAT-3SF:Transparent Anti-Static file holder
"Additive-Free" Anti-Static file holder which does not "Breed Out".

Additive-Free Anti-Static film

STAT-3S: Additive-Free Anti-Static film

No addition non-charging with anti-static polyethylene film.
(Slip type & Non-slip type)

STAT-3S polymer itself satisfied with an anti-static "Safety", "Stability" and "Satisfactory" for non-charging with electricity characteristics.

Transparent Moisture Vapor Film

Dampproofing gas barrier film by ceramic vacuum evaporation without using aluminum foil and a vinylidene chloride.

Exporting to France.

Stable resistance value is effective in using three STAT-3S for the most nner layer semipermanently.

Anti-Static and Prevention of rust film

Zerust ESD Shield
Anti-static and prevention of rust film that is joint development of "Taiyo Petroleum Gas Co., Ltd" and "Techno Stat Co., Ltd".(No. 3356376 patent)

Prevention of charging with electricity agent type

Anti-Static film
(Prevention of charging with electricity agent type)

Normal type of Anti-Static film.




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