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Deodorant, deodorization bag


Reduce the unpleasant smell!

This is revolutionary deodorant bag which is reduce the unpleasant smell such as: garbage, a diaper, excrement of the pet.



1: Deodorant function

This is a deodorizing bag with a chemical reaction, and this reduces the unpleasant smell such as Ammonia, Trimethylamine (Smell like rotten fish), Hydrogen sulfide (Smell like rotten eggs).

2: Antibacterial activity

This bag has antibacterial activity which is against an Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis.

3: Safety

This is allowed-safety bag to use food wrapping.

Deodorizing test results

*The test results is the measured value, it is not a guaranteed value.


Standard bag

Material: Polyethylene

Capacity Thickness mm Width mm Length mm Quantity
It is currently being planned.