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Flexible container bag inner package: STAT-FCB

Flexible container bag inner package

Best for grocery and FIBC grocery additives inner bag.

Packaging material that has been specialized for powder.
Ideal for pharmaceutical intermediates raw materials.


1. Because of using a polymer type antistatic resin, it does not change in quality by a     switchover any of additive material to your product in this bag.

2. There is not humidity dependence, and Static Decay time is extremely short.

3. Static decay time from 5000V to 50V is less than one second.

4. International standard IEC61340-4-4 L2 passed (SWISSI Process Safety GmbH) 2010
  JIS C 61340-4-4 Compliant

5. Products by only FDA compatible raw materials.
  We got FIBC inner bag standards for various food products.

FICB inner bag
Test items Unit Conditions
Degree, RH
Measured value Conformance
Surface Resistivity O/Sq 23+-2 Degree 20+-5% 5.96+-0.69×1011 Passed on
23±2 Degree 60±10% 7.94+-1.35×1010

Static Decay Rate
+ / -

sec 23+-2 Degree, 20+-5%
5,000V 1%Attenuation
Outside 0.1 > / 0.1 > Electro Tech Systems
Model 406D Static Decay
Inside 0.1 > / 0.1 >
Tensile test
MPa 500mm/min 0.08 t 48.0/35.9 JIS K6781
0.1t 43.5/39.1
Tear test
N/mm 500mm/min 0.08t 145/151
0.10t 148/152
JIS K7128-3
Moisture permeability exterior to inner
g/m2d 40Sq×90%RH
Cup method
0.08t 7.08
0.10t 5.56
JIS Z 0208

* These are typical measurement values, so these are not standard values.

Product size
Thickness:0.05mm - 0.08mm
Width:1500mm - 2100mm

We have stocked as standard size of 0.08mm×1900mm. It is available for cutting your size.

Please contact us if you would like to have other sizes and special shapes bag.

EU regulation No10 / 2011 Dry use Declaration.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Notification No. 201 pass.