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Explanation of Anti-Static film

We have two kinds of anti-sataic bags. One contains anti-staic agent kneaded into
a film(STAT-A).

Another one is additive-free anti-static film(STAT-3S) that we strongly recomend.

Anti-Static Prastic film STAT-A

Anti-Static Prastic bag

STAT-A is the film that mixture kneaded an antistatic agent into plastic.

STAT-A contains two kinds of materials wich are "anti-static agent = soap" and "plastic = oil".

The surfactant is easly to dissolve in water that causes to separat from the plastic(oil).
(We call "Bleed Out")

As the effect, anti-static agent floats on the surface of the film.


Additive-Free Anti-Static film STAT-3S

Additive-Free Anti-Static bag

STAT-3S is used special metal ionic bond resin,and static electricity becomes free.

STAT-3S is different from STAT-A(Anti-static agent), so it is additive free and hi-quality of surface resistivity .