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Deodorant & Deodorization bag

Deodorant, deodorization bag

Reduce the unpleasant smell!

This is revolutionary deodorant bag which is reduce the unpleasant smell such as: garbage, a diaper, excrement of the pet.


1. Deodorant function

This is a deodorizing bag with a chemical reaction, and this reduces the unpleasant smell such as Ammonia, Trimethylamine (Smell like rotten fish), Hydrogen sulfide (Smell like rotten eggs).

2. Antibacterial activit

This bag has antibacterial activity which is against an Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis.

3. Safety

This is allowed-safety bag to use food wrapping.

Deodorizing test results

*The test results is the measured value, it is not a guaranteed value.