Eco-friendly antistatic bag: STAT-3S Bio

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Eco-friendly antistatic film and bag

Eco-friendly antistatic bag: STAT-3S Bio

Specifications Eco-friendly antistatic bag

Japan Bioplastics Association certified product


  • Eco-friendly antistatic film that incorporates plant-based plastics into the persistent antistatic STAT-3S and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • The anti-static function of STAT-3S is maintained.
  • There is little humidity dependency, and there is no concern about migration of antistatic agents.
  • It is possible to print the mark certified by the Japan Bioplastics Association on bags and sheets.

Surface resistance  Outside is less than 108Ω and Inside 108Ω
(Temperature 23 ℃, Humidity 50%)

Processing: gusset bag, square bottom bags, zipper bags, and other special processing.


Color:Blue, Green, Pink, Natural (Available for special orders)